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Ladies in the lead mentorship program


Pilot - January 2019

Ladies in the Lead was piloted at a Public Bronx High school as a component to the “Success Mentoring” program developed and implemented by Vanessa Paula, Middle School Counselor at The Young Women’s Leadership School of The Bronx. The program strategically partnered HS students with 6th grade students to support them in their first year out of elementary school.

Ladies in the Lead was later introduced to the H.S students. The notion was "You can't pour from an empty cup". Ladies in the Lead became a fundamental component to the peer mentoring program because it became a personal, social-emotional, and professional development for the H.S mentors. The impact made was a ripple effect throughout the entire school community.

Through this program, we have committed to the girl’s academic success, personal development and social-emotional needs. We have developed a program curated around our Nourishing model. Through this program, we water the areas of their lives that may be be “dry” due to life circumstance, while they plant the seeds to the next generation and "#LoveItForward.