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Our Mission

To nourish the whole girl. We believe that by creating sustainable relationships between the youth and established women in our community, we can equip girls with the leadership qualities necessary to become strong, confident, and empowered women.


A community of diverse women, from all walks of life coming together to support and raise up the next generation. A world where no girl will walk alone through any season of her life.

Yara, Class of 2020

Yara, Class of 2020

Core Values:

To envision a future where we break the negative systematic cycles of raising young girls in urban neighborhoods. In order to do this we need to be able to  “S.E.E” - we do this by implementing the following in all that we do:

  • Sisterhood - Our LITL community will empower each other by fostering a circle of trust through encouraging, respecting, and supporting one another. Those genuine relationships will cultivate an everlasting sisterhood.

  • Empathy - Through community outreach and intimate conversations, we demonstrate and instill what empathy looks and feels like. We are not only a sisterhood, but we are community of leaders who care.

  • Effective Self Advocacy -  We develop lifelong strategies to help girls use their voice to take lead in their lives. We will empower them to see their strengths and areas of improvement  while emboldening them to build resilience through mentorship, experience, and opportunities for critical thinking.


“It’s been one of my greatest experiences in school..”

“Ladies in the Lead has given me and my peers amazing opportunities, from meeting many great women who inspire us to strive for the best, to visiting rehabilitation centers to visit the residents . we were able to make them feel good about themselves. It has been a privilege that not many schools have had”

— Jaeliana, Class of 2020